Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shall We?

shall we travel down a road

long and winding

and let the horizon follow us?

the snow caped peaks beckon

as do the meadows ,

an invitation can we afford to ignore?

maybe stop by the brook ?!

which breaks the road
for a quick swim with the loons?

Or shall we just call it a day

and seek shelter underneath the Bodhi tree

by the brook ?

we will sing along with the gurgling stream

and count the stars

maybe even explore the next day ?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sliver of Romance

The shy radiance of the Parisian Sun
on your lovely face I see

the twinkle in your eyes,
teases the Spring
as you light up Paris
with a thousand smiles
and Lend it to Spring!

As we sit by the Siene -
separated only by an Ocean -
I can feel the Spring

But dare I hope !?!

(c) Atanu Prasad Sarma

Sunday, April 17, 2011

do I ever steal ?

do I ever steal
into your stolen thoughts?!

as you often obsess
my obsessions

and chase my fantasies!
which take flight -
shamed by the raging passions-

beyond emotion
beyond sensibility
beyond sensuality

Over a cup of irani tea
in a decrepit old parsi restaurant
I sit and wonder

(c)Atanu Prasad Sarma

Saturday, December 11, 2010

mind meanderings: Dying while Living

mind meanderings: Dying while Living

Dying while Living

When I was born
I was complete.

I could cry and
Yet be selflessly selfish!


the Quest
overtakes me

nor do worldly riches
grace me

My cravings
has a mind

To think, To feel and To cry
I wouldn't shy

No wonder..

Everyday I die
..bit by bit

Yet,today,I am feeling
very fulfilled!!

Wonder why?

@Atanu Prasad Sarma

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maya My Love

how does it feel
when you are
about to walk
into a dream - your dream?

does tomorrow ever
meet today -

the day’s ashes
Labour to deliver
Xotini’s child
every day - ?

An illicit life I live
forbidden pleasures I seek
with Maya

as Chayaa pursues Maya
a virtual touch
is all that it takes
to step out...

But do we?!

(c)Atanu Prasad Sarma

Glossary :
Xotini : Co-wife / Step Mother in Assamese
Maya : An Illusion and by extension the elusive morrow
Chayya : Shadow..the shadow of the day!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Paphiopedilum Dreams

Paphiopedilum Dreams
I espy
on the mosaic forest floors...

Forbidden desires
I spirit
to the secret grotto

softly i skid
on the silken turf
but i still fancy
paphiopedilum dreams?

(c)Atanu Prasad Sarma